"Content not owned"?


I have Codebook installed on PC, Android and iPhone. Usually works fine across all three. The Android version just started to misbehave. When I try to launch it it consistently says “Content not owned… The user is not entitled to this content” and the only option is to quit. I have not even had time to use the thumb sensor on the Sony phone or enter the password.

I have not changed any password or anything othger than content. I have run an intergity check and Synced it on the PC.

Any suggestions please? I use thme product frequently.


Hello @LDCR - Did you by chance install the Android app through the Amazon App Store? If so, can you launch the Amazon App store app and make sure it is logged in to your Amazon account?


Yes, I bought the app from the Amazon appstore.
I went to the appstore, logged in and searched for Codebook. It brought it up and offered it for £6.89. At one point it confirmed that I had already bought it. However if I try to get it again, it will charge me again. If I look in ‘My apps’ there is nothing there.
Even when logged in to the Amazon account, I cannot access Codebook. I get the ‘Content Not Owned’ message before password entry or fingerprint detection.


Hello @LDCR

Can you confirm you are logged into the same Amazon account you used for your original purchase of Codebook for Android?


Yes. Same account. Thanks.


Just looked it up in the Amazon app on my phone. It shows that I purchased Codebook on 21 December 2015. I have the order number if you want it.


@LDCR We’ve done some research here, and it definitely seems like others have had this problem with the Amazon app store. If I might ask, are you using an Amazon-specific device, or do you just have the Amazon app store alongside the Play store? A few of the support references recommend logging out and then logging back into the Amazon app:


Could you give that a shot and let us know if it works? If not, it might be worth contacting Amazon support, maybe they could shed some additional light on how to enable the app again.

If you are using this on a device with the play store installed, we might also be able to provide you with a download from that venue. If you’d like to give that a try, please contact us via private support at support@zetetic.net


Thanks Stephen. That worked. I signed out of Amazon and then signed back in again. Now back to normal.

I use two Amazon ids, my own and a family one to get the benefit of Prime. Although it said I was signed in as myself, when I logged out it appeared that I was logged in on the other id. Curious that it should have made a difference though.

Appreciate your help.