Error Message - "App Damaged" - when opening app

Hi Codebook Customer Team:

Tried to open the latest Codebook on my mac desktop that I updated/downloaded recently and got an error message:

“” is damaged and can’t be opened. Delete “” and download it again from the App Store.

I looked under updates and nothing. I went to the app store and there is no way to download without paying another app cost.

Please advise.



Hi @davidross

Thank you for using Codebook and posting to the discussion forum, although I’m sorry to hear about the trouble with being damaged.

I’ve responded separately to your private support request. Let me know if the suggestion resolves it for you.

For anyone else viewing this topic, if you purchased Codebook for macOS through theApp Store and you’re receiving this message, please make sure you’re using the same Apple ID you initially used to purchase Codebook and log out and back into the App Store which should allow you to download Codebook again at no cost

If you purchased Codebook directly from Zetetic, please reach out to our support at and we’ll resend your license information and a link to download the latest version of Codebook