Effect on sync of expected changes DropBox on MacOS

Hello Zetetic,

Just saw that DropBox is going to make some changes in order to use Apple’s updated File Provider API.

Will this have any effect on CodeBook if I am using DropBox for sync? For example new DropBox minimum version of MacOS seems to become 12.5 where as CodeBook support is minimum 10.15.

If DropBox sync is going to become problematic I would rather move away now in a timely and controlled manner rather than wait for things to break.

Kind regards - Stefan

Hi @stefan, thanks for using Codebook and posting to the forum!

The change in Dropbox support for macOS requiring macOS 12.5 pertains only to the native Dropbox client application for macOS, which integrates the Dropbox service with Finder and other operating system features.

Codebook doesn’t utilize the Dropbox client application. Instead we interface directly with the Dropbox API to provide the Dropbox Sync feature. We utilize their Objective-C client library for this purpose, which still has a minimum macOS version of 10.10.

In summary, the change to the Dropbox client application should not break anything at all for Codebook for macOS.

That said, we will keep an eye out for any problems, and please let us know if you run into any yourself!