Error: unable to load database


I get the following error when trying to sync from Google Drive to Mac OS.

The original database is from my iPhone phone, synced to Google Drive now trying to download to Mac OS.

It works – but generates the following error:

Error: unable to load database
Codebook was unable to load your data, consider quitting or restoring from backup. Underlying error: -[NSNull isEqualToString:]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x7fffb30a6f70


tried reloading again and seems to work now – odd.


Hi @mememarc

Glad to hear everything seems to work now after reloading. It might be good to try running an integrity check on your database. This can be located under File → Integrity Check. If it reports any errors, you can then perform an “Overwrite” operation from your Mac to Google Drive.

Let me know the results.