Feature request: Delete import files

While looking for a new password manager and migration options I came across a nice feature in SafeWallet. The import wizard will by default delete the import files upon successful import.

Needless to say, the import files are pretty dangerous if kept. The typical user behaviour after importing will be for user to focus on checking the result and playing with their new password manager and would easily forget about the plain text files.

So, let me suggest adding such options in the STRIP’s conversion and import tools. It will be also nice if the content of the files is replaced with useless data before deletion in case someone decide to use undelete.

Thanks for the suggestion, @nick! However, I don’t think we should do this, at least not as an automatic or by default thing. An option like “would you like to delete the import file” after the update (and maybe “don’t ask me again”) would be a nice addition, though.

Agree. Anything that proactively protect these files and advise users on the risk is a good solution.