Find in codebook not working for


Using find in codebook, User name and password are entered but “signin” remains disabled.
Using copy and paste for each entry works normally



Thanks for posting with this feedback. I’ve seen this for time to time myself. I believe it to be related to javascript on the website’s end trying to detect whether the user has “typed” in the login fields. Because we’re setting the values through “Find in Codebook” automation rather than “typing” them, it’s not “tripping” the javascript method to notify the “Sign In” button that we’ve indeed entered something in the username/password fields.

We’ll investigate this further and see if there’s a way we can get the site to “trip” the javascript method to let it know we entered data in the fields.

A workaround currently (although definitely inconvenient) would be to tap into each field, hit the spacebar, then hit delete.

I’ll post back here if we think we’ve found a solution for you test out.



That is easier than cut and paste.



We’re currently internally testing a solution that should allow Find in Codebook to “trip” the javascript method and enable the sign on button (after inserting fields) for sites like stjoseph’s. Would you be willing to try out a beta version when it’s ready to ensure that it resolves the issue on your end? Thanks!



Yes i would be glad to try bets version