Getting ghost pop ups when creating new entries

I get ghost windows that pop up went adding new entries. This ghost window shows through all open windows. I’m using the latest version of Windows 10 and Codebook.

Hello @RTS201802100553

Thank you for your report! We’ve certainly tried to resolve this issue in the past, I’m sorry you are still seeing it. Do you happen to recall what steps you performed the caused it to appear? Does it always occur for you when adding new entries? Are they note entries, or standard field-based entries? We’d like to investigate this further. Thanks!

I can’t remember exact steps, but I was in edit mode of a previously created entry and was creating a new password field for the web site because the old password expired. The ghost popup stayed on the screen while the new password field edited correctly Actually didn’t notice it until I moved the new password field above the old password field. Might be your app refresh routine has a glitch where if a user moves the field before entering any data in it, the initial field that is drawn stays on the screen. Note that this ghost field overlapped any window that I placed over in like it was given display priority over all of the other running windows.

Next time, I see if I can figure out how to duplicate this.


Hello @RTS201802100553

Thank you for the update. We will continue to investigate the issue locally. If we can replicate it, we will include a fix in the next release. Thanks!

If I experience this again, and can duplicate it, I send the info to you.


Hi @RTS201802100553

Thanks Rick!

Got the issue again. It seems that it occurs when I delete the last or bottom field in the entry list.

Seems like I can intermittently duplicate the issue by creating a new password field at the bottom of the entry and when I move it to the top of the field list a ghost image remains on the screen. This ghost image covers all or is in front of all other windows in the desktop. This ghost image disappears when the codebook app is closed.

Hello @RTS201802100553

Thank you for the update. We will continue to investigate on our side to see if we can replicate the behavior based on those steps. Thanks!