How to check if SQLCipher supports f2fs and whether it is enabled on Android

Hello Zetetic community.

Could you please tell how I could check in SQLCipher 4.4.2 and above (Android):

  2. if SQLITE_ENABLE_BATCH_ATOMIC_WRITE is enabled (Compile-time Options) and working.
  3. How to enable it if app runs on f2fs file system.

Thanks a lot

Hi @raiym

The Commercial builds of SQLCipher do not enable SQLITE_ENABLE_BATCH_ATOMIC_WRITE, however, if you are compiling the library yourself, you can certainly do so.


thank you for the answer.

Commercial builds of SQLCipher do not enable

What about community builds?

Hello @raiym - it is not enabled in community edition builds either

Thanks a lot for the information.