Importing Data from CSV and other Sources


Importing CSV Files

Updated: Aug 13, 2016

The latest documentation for Codebook’s Import feature is here.

Information about Export is also available.

Importing from Other Systems

We have free utility for OS X and Windows called Convert to Codebook that will take an export file from SplashID, SafeWallet or 1Password and create a CSV file you can import into Codebook for Windows or Codebook for OS X.

Sometimes there can be issues with import and we are eager to improve the experience there soon. If you have trouble getting your data imported or run into bugs please let us know.

Sync stopped working-Dropbox & Google Drive
Exporting STRIP for Palm OS Databases

The link is bad for the import guide. I found it here:

I have tested the Import functionality with great success! Thank you STRIP for allowing as many custom fields as desired!

So far I like STRIP as a replacement for B-Folders.

I used to sync B-Folders on my MAC 10.6.8 Snow Leopard with my Galaxy S Android. I replaced my Android with an iPhone 5 but B-Folders does not have a sync program for iPhone. I chose STRIP as the replacement for B-folders because it allows me to more easily import B-Folders csv export files.

Love it!


Hi @stripet

Thanks for the nice words, we are always glad to hear from a customer! Also, thank you for letting us know about the invalid link to the data import guide, we’ve fixed that up. Take care.


Hello Zetetic,

I have just tried your SafeWallet converter for Windows, but it did’t work. Only part of the records contained in the SafeWallet XML file have been transferred into the CSV file generated by the STRIP converter app. Are you aware of the reason for this failure. Just to note that my SafeWallet includes 3 folders - Business (30 enries), Personal (37 enties) and Websites (16 entries).
Thank you for your prompt response!

Kind regards,

Dimitar Leksin