Macos desktop app got stuck after editing entries

Hi, I installed the macos Beta 5 app yesterday and the iOS app on my phone today. Updates I had made to my entries yesterday in macos got synced immediately to the iOS app.

I then made some changes to entries in the desktop app, renaming two items. The first one worked fine. After finishing the second change and clicking the Edit button to save it, the desktop app showed a moving blue “progress” bar or line across the top of the window continuously but I could not interact with it, no buttons worked and most menus were disabled. Eventually I closed the app by quitting it (clicking the macos red “close” button in the top left corner).

I did have a look in the iOS app while the desktop app was still running/stuck (before I closed it) and the two renames appeared correctly in iOS, so the sync did seem to work ok.

After restarting the macos app it worked fine again.

Hi @mark1

Thanks very much for using beta testing Codebook and posting to the discussion forum, although I’m sorry to hear about the trouble.

We have had one or two other reports of similar behavior (one in the production version of Codebook and one in the beta version of Codebook), but haven’t been able to track down the exact cause to get it fixed up.

I have a few questions to help us try to reproduce it on our end:

  • You mentioned renaming two items, were those Entry names that you changed?
  • If so, after making the entry name change, did you hit enter or just click the Edit button (either way should work)
  • Did you make any subsequent edits after changing the entry name (like adding or removing a field, or editing a field)?

That progress bar moving across the top is to indicate a “long save in progress”, for example if you were to add a bunch of attachments to an Entry or copy/paste an Entry which has many attachments. Typically you won’t even see it when performing standard edits. We’ll try out a few scenarios on our end with editing the Entry names to try to reproduce it.

Hi @mmoore

Yes, I changed two entry names. Quite possibly after changing the first entry I may have just gone back to the entry/search results list and selected the second entry to edit it. I am pretty sure after editing the second one I clicked the Edit button to save the change. I didn’t make any other edits to the entries. Also, these were small entries with just a few fields each and no attachments.

Hope that helps


Thanks for that additional information. While we haven’t been able to reproduce it locally, I do have an idea of what might be causing it. I’m going to include an adjustment in the next beta build which should resolve it. Be on the lookout for an email with information about the next beta update (most likely early next week). If it happens to occur again for you before then, please feel free to post back here if you have any further details on reproducing it. Thanks!