More distinguishable characters

I’m not sure where to put this, but I figured the Codebook category would be best. First, I wanted to say that I love Codebook. I’ve been using it since it launched as STRIP. Thanks!

Ok, I was thinking that maybe the different categories of characters could all be colored differently in the app to make it easier to tell the problem letters/numbers apart. I know there’s the “Exclude Characters” option, but it might make it easier to read anyhow.


Hey @Zaerion

Thanks for using Codebook, for the kind words, and for posting to the discussion forum with this suggestion.

There is currently a magnify feature within Codebook which allows you to show a specific field’s value in larger, fixed-width font. This should assist with distinguishing ambiguous characters.

There’s a quick video if it in action on iOS here:

On the Desktop apps, you can access this menu by right clicking on the target field and selecting Magnify

Does this help with your use case at all?

Yes, that is nice! Is there something similar that I can do on the mobile app for Android and iOS?


Magnify is available for Codebook for iOS when you single tap on a field to bring up the action menu (from the bottom of the screen) or long press on a field (to bring up the context menu). We have some improvements to modernize the context menus in iOS coming in the next update (4.4.2) which we’re hoping to release relatively soon.

Codebook for Android currently doesn’t currently support Magnify, but we do plan on including it over there as well. In the interim, you can toggle fixed width font for fields in Codebook for Android which will cause all fields to be displayed in fixed width font to help distinguish ambiguous characters. This setting can be found under Preferences within Codebook for Android.