Narrow field display in Codebook macOS


I’m using Codebook 4.3.3 on macOS Catalina 10.15.7.

Recently I have noticed a minor glitch in the UI behaviour when viewing entries: the width of the displayed data fields is a lot narrower than the width of the window itself. So there is a lot of whitespace on the right hand side and the field data is wrapped unnecessarily. This is a little hard to describe so I will attach a screen shot showing a URL in the Website field and text in the Note field that is wrapped.

If I drag the column divider all the way to the right of the window and then back again, the fields are correctly stretched out over the width of the window. But when I quit and restart Codebook the next time, the issue persists.

Thanks and happy new year :slight_smile:

Hey @mark1

Happy New Year!

Thanks for using Codebook and posting to the discussion forum, although I’m sorry to hear about the trouble with the Entry View (what we call the right most pane of the main window) not displaying properly when the divider is resized to a certain size.

I’d like to have you try resetting the divider location positions (which is stored in your user defaults) using Terminal commands. Here are the steps:

Note: You will need to reposition the dividers to your desired positions after performing these steps

  1. Quit Codebook if it’s open.
  2. Open Terminal by either using Spotlight search – CMD + spacebar – and typing terminal or double clicking it under Applications > Utilities.
  3. Paste these two commands (one after another hitting enter in between to execute them):
defaults delete net.zetetic.Strip.mac leftDivLocation
defaults delete net.zetetic.Strip.mac rightDivLocation
  1. Launch Codebook again and resize the dividers to your liking.

Let me know if you’re still seeing the same behavior after performing these steps. Thanks!

Hi @mmoore, thanks for taking the time to suggest the workaround. Unfortunately it didn’t make any difference. However, it is a minor complaint so not to worry :slight_smile: