Codebook for macOS 4.3.7 Released

Hello Codebook for macOS users,

Sorry to interrupt you with a second update this week, but we’ve come across two bugs that we wanted to address sooner than later. Version 4.3.7 is now available and fixes the issues described below.

Scan Sync Key fails on Mac App Store Build

In version 4.3.6, specifically the Mac App Store build, the Scan Sync Key view fails to display. Sorry for the oversight there, and our thanks to those who reported the issue right away!

Display Problem with Fields

During our testing we found that if one starts editing a Field value, and then without committing or ending editing (e.g. via tab or enter key) one drags the field to a new position in the list, some fields will then fail to display their value. These fields have not been lost, they are simply failing to display in the interface. The condition then persists until the user logs out and logs back in. As soon as we saw it we got to work on a fix and that’s all patched up now.

Downloading the Update

Version 4.3.7 is available now for Direct Download and Mac App Store customers. If needed, we have step-by-step instructions available for installing the latest version.

If you are having trouble installing the update, please get in touch.