New Platform Requests

As of right now we don’t have any plans to port STRIP to platforms beyond our current offerings, but that doesn’t mean we’re opposed to it. If you’re looking to see STRIP on Windows Phone 8 or Linux or Whatever OS please let us know below. Generally we need to see a certain amount of interest before we pursue a particular platform because it’s a lot of work to provide a good native application and maintain it over time. We keep track of these requests and we usually ask a few questions:

  • Do you (or your peers and colleagues) have a default or favored password manager?

  • Do you use STRIP on other platforms?

  • When it comes to buying software for your your device or computer, is that something you do often?

  • How do you feel about the security of software delivery, updates and installation?

  • If you’re interested in using STRIP on Linux, what’s your preferred distribution? (e.g. Ubuntu, OS/2, N64)

I would like to have STRIP on my Windows Phone. I use it on iPhone, Windows desktop, macbook and sure would like to have it on my Nokia Lumia 830 Windows 8 Phone.

Given “Introducing SQLCipher for Windows Phone 8 and Windows Runtime
2014-01-13 10:59:06 -0500”, I would love to think a windows phone port was more likely.

STRIP is my only must have application on any OS. I use STRIP on OS/X, Windows, IOS-Phone, IOS-Tablet and I would purchase it on windows phone too should it be available, Thank you

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Confused and disappointed.

You had an app on iPhone called Codebook. Where did that go?

Worse yet is you have renewed STRIP with new name and I am not sure what else you changed but STILL NO WINDOWS PHONE APP. Shame.

Hello @lwetzel

The original version of Codebook is still available, however we have decided to merge the core features into our password manager, previously called STRIP. Future development will occur on the new Codebook only. I’m sorry for any confusion.

The big changes are the branding changes with new icons, color scheme, full text, first class notes support, and favorite support across all platforms. We continue to monitor the interest in other platforms, including Windows Phone, however porting an application to another platform is a rather large endeavor. Once we feel the demand for introducing Codebook onto a new platform is sustainable, we will proceed.

I’d like to see Codebook available for Ubuntu. Offering Codebook as a .snap and / or .click package ought to make it fairly easy for users to install, without worrying about dependencies.

Some other people mentioned this in posts over the past couple of years. Is anyone else still interested? What about other open source Unix-like operating systems?