Migration from Codebook (Old) to Codebook (STRiP)


I have multiple notes in the old Codebook app. The blog post mentions being asked for migration when upgrading. No option is forthcoming. (iOS Latest)


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The update is still propagating in the iTunes App Store, please hang tight :slight_smile:

I have new codebook (STRiP) on all devices, will I get an update on Codebook (Old) to allow the migration?


@rubberbandboy Yes. The 2.0 update for Old Codebook is still propagating in the App Store, which is why you don’t see it yet.

OK Many Thanks,

PS: The MSI installer link on the forum entry “updating to latest version” is dead, the link on the blog to the migration document is also dead. line reads: (more on that here - link to migration doc)
and The Entry “Why is my STRIP application missing?” in the forum, the announcement post link points to an internal server


Thanks, Dave! Fixing those up now.