New Touch ID error

I’ve recently seen this error displayed after Codebook start. It’s usually covered by the Touch ID for “Codebook” dialog asking for the actual fingerprint.

The message is “Touch ID Unavailable Codebook received an unexpected error code from Touch ID: -25308”

If the Touch ID dialog shows up on top of this then my fingerprint will still work to unlock it.

I can’t find any information on that error online either. Any ideas what’s up here? Is my data safe?

Hi @Travis.Milum, your data is perfectly safe, though I’m not entirely sure why the keychain is kicking out this error. Could you go into Codebook, tap on Settings > Login Settings, and turn off the Touch ID Login feature, wait a second, and try turning it back on?


Its been quite some time now but I’d like to keep looking into this.

The error was always intermittent but wasn’t happening after I created this question until now. It’s recently it’s shown up a few times.

I can try resetting the Touch ID but since it’s so difficult to repo I can’t be sure it’s resolved any underlying issue.

I’m primarily interested in figuring out what this error code actually means.

Hi @Travis.Milum, that particular error code maps to errSecInteractionNotAllowed, which in theory shouldn’t be happening if the device is unlocked. Does this seem to happen with Codebook when you go to unlock the device, and Codebook is the active app, and attempts to prompt for Touch ID login? Also, would you mind telling us which model of iPhone you are using?

I don’t think I’ve ever seen it in that scenario. Usually I see it when double tapping the home button, scrolling to Codebook, and tapping it to open it. Sometimes I see it when just opening the app by tapping on it from the desktop/launcher.

I’m on iPhone 8S. Did you need a model number too?

I’ve had this happen when I’ve changed or added fingerprints in TouchId on a Mac. By going into ‘Preferences’ or ‘Settings’ (mobile) I turned Touch ID off, then back on again, this fixed the issue for me.