No prompt from Codebook to delete old backups

In your support blog about the new codebook version 4 you mentioned that the backup method has changed so the software would prompt us to remove the old back up files that were created by versions 3.x

I was never prompted to do this. I am running the new version 4 codebook on macOS Moajve. I still see two back up files located buried in the user/library/container/… folders.

I am also not seeing a strip.db file to back up on my own. Where is this located on macOS?

I got the prompt to delete the incompatible backups the next time I ran Codebook. However, I concur about the local storage of the database. I’m not sure where that’s been moved to.

Thanks. I just logged back in and now have finally received the delete incompatible backups dialog. Guess your right takes launching app second time.

I also got a weird message stating I was running a beta release And do I want to receive future beta test updates. Not sure what that is about.

Hi @Dorsary and @bobmhac, sorry for any mystery about the obsolete backups prompt, you are correct that it does not present on your first login to Codebook 4 on macOS–we wanted the Sync Key Setup to take precedence after login, so we prompt the user about obsolete backups on a subsequent login, once that’s complete.

The local storage location hasn’t changed, you should still be able to find it in Codebook’s container folder, inside your user profile’s home directory. To view the file:

  1. Switch to Finder
  2. Click on Go menu > Go to Folder… (or ⇧ ⌘ G)
  3. Paste the following path into the dialog that appears (it’s all one line)

~/Library/Containers/net.zetetic.Strip.mac/Data/Library/Application Support/Strip/

In that folder you’ll see a file name default.strip, that’s just a macOS wrapper package: right click on that, select “Show Package Contents”, and the strip.db file will be revealed.

Thanks for the response.

I saw the default.strip but did not realize it was a container in place of discreet file. I did wonder if that was the database.

So mystery cleared up.

I canceled the prompt to delete the obsolete backups. Is there a way to restore the prompt or should I just delete all previous backups from the container?