OS 10.15.4 secret agent script

Script not stored. Has previously worked. when asked to “Choose User Script Folder”, i see library/application scripts/net.zetetic.strip.mac. Then a text file named "InsertActiveApplic atrium.applescript. The date is 3 months previous. I have deleted a;; Zeteic and strip files i could find. Deleted Codebook with Clean my mac.

Thanks for any help


This file is in the download codebook package, “InsertInActiveApplication.scpt”. When opened it is normally formed Script file. The act of enabling “Secret Agent’s” 3 character short cut, cause a new file to be generated and stored in user/library/applications/net/zetetic/strip.mac and named "InsertInActiveApplication.applescript with a “type” designation of “Text”. When opened it is it is a corrupted text file.


Hey @al92780

Thanks for using Codebook and posting the discussion forum.

Just to clarify, this is the expected behavior, you will no longer be able to manually view the InsertInActiveApplication.scpt file installed/used by Codebook’s Secret Agent.

Are you experiencing any difficulties when utilizing Secret Agent? If so would you please review the troubleshooting suggestions in this post: Troubleshooting Codebook Secret Agent

Specifically if you’ve recently updated to Catalina, you may need to un-check/re-check the System Security & Privacy settings for Codebook.

Let me know what the issue with Secret Agent is, and if the troubleshooting types help resolve it. Thanks!

After selecting Secret Agent, exiting code then restarting SA was no longer selected. Looking at the file placed in the library using brackets, showed random characters.

Today SA works. I looked a the Library file and it is now normally structured and its type is AppleScript vs Text.

I did not unselect / select Codebook in privacy.



Thanks for the response, and glad to hear Secret Agent is working properly again for you. Apologies, I think I may not have fully understood your initial messages. That is very strange that it got a text designation – we haven’t seen this previously. Please let us know if it occurs again and we can try to troubleshoot the issue further. Thanks!