Persistent 'Out of Memory' issue on OSX 10.12.4


After the most recent update 3.2.3 (447) I have been getting persistent issues with Codebook crashing int the background with an ‘Out of Memory’ error. It has been occurring fairly regularly - roughly once a day.

There is no specific action that is causing the crash - it is occurring when Codebook is minimised. Although it does seem to occur more often just after creating or editing an entry.

No data has ever been lost.

The specific error is 'NSInternalInconsistencyException', reason: 'Failed to execute query 'out of memory''

Full crash report from OSX crash dialogue (zipped txt file)


Hi @JamesKrawczyk,

Thanks for posting and sorry for the trouble. We’ve been seeing this intermittently as well. We’ve made and adjustment in a beta version that we’re currently testing that I believe will address this issue. Would you be willing to try it out and let us know if it resolves the issue on your end?



@mmoore Yeah, I can try it out and let you know.