Private network sync


I am interested in configuring sync functionality on a local network for desktop and mobile devices. Is it possible to enable “Desktop WiFi” in addition to the “Local folder” sync mode?

hi @jhmpub

Currently the supported sync methods for mobile devices are personal cloud storage (Google Drive or Dropbox), or Desktop WiFi (directly with a Desktop on the same WiFi network with Codebook running and unlocked). Mobile doesn’t support “Local Folder” sync.

My assumption for your use case here would be to set up some sort of network share containing your encrypted database that you could sync your mobile and Desktop with (even if they weren’t on the same WiFi network – through mobile LTE while on the go for example). Is this assumption correct? At this time this isn’t possible with Codebook.

I’d like to note that your database is fully encrypted when uploaded the your personal cloud storage. Meaning that even if someone where to gain access to your cloud storage account, they wouldn’t be able to access any of your Codebook data without decrypting your database with your master password.

We have improvements planned for the sync system, but I can’t comment on the content or the timeframe at this point.

Let me know if this answers your question.



Please allow me to clarify my request. For security reasons, I do not wish to have a strip.db file on the public cloud. I have successfully done a “Desktop WiFi” and “Local folder” synchronization. My configuration has multiple desktops and mobile devices. I therefore wish to enable the “Desktop WiFi” and “Local folder” modes simultaneously. If that were possible, I would be able to sync between desktops and mobile devices without changing sync preferences.

Perhaps “Desktop WiFi” could be made an individual checkbox instead of being a member of the “Sync with:” radio button group.

Hi @jhmpub,

Thank you for clarifying your request. At this time Codebook doesn’t support selecting multiple sync preferences at one time, they are mutually exclusive. Although, from the description of your setup, I do have a suggestion which may allow you to not have to change the sync operation from “Desktop WiFi” to “Local Folder”:

Let’s say you have 2 Desktop/Laptops (Lap ‘A’, Lap ‘B’) and 2 Mobile devices.

You make a change on Lap ‘A’ and want it to propagate to the rest of your devices. Each mobile device would need to do an independent “Desktop WiFi” sync operation with Lap ‘A’, at which point they should both be up to date, then either of the mobile devices can perform a “Desktop WiFi” sync operation with Lap ‘B’ which would in turn update Lap ‘B’. This way you would never have to change any of the devices off of “Desktop WiFi” sync (although you would still have to change which Laptop one of your mobile devices is syncing with for the final sync operation). Following this scenario, you could leave both Desktop version set to “Desktop WiFi” and all your sync operations would be initiated from your mobile devices.

Many of our users find it useful to treat one device as their “Master” and make the majority of their changes there to reduce the number of sync operations necessary to update each of the other devices (“Followers”).

We really appreciate your feedback, and I can definitely understand how this isn’t ideal for syncing multiple devices without using a personal cloud provider. Improving the sync system is a high priority for us, but because it involves substantial engineering, it will take some time.

Let me know if this suggestion is helpful at all, and if there’s anything else I can assist with.


Hi @mmoore

Thanks for the follow up. Unfortunately, a single master is restrictive and cascading from desktop to mobile to desktop is cumbersome. I really need a configuration where any desktop can sync to a database on a private server and mobile devices follow a desktop.

Does eliminating the mutually exclusive behavior of the “Desktop Wifi” and “Local Folder” options involve substantial engineering?

Hi @jhmpub

Thank you for the reply and explanation. Sorry the “cascading” and “master-follower” suggestions weren’t helpful.

Unfortunately, this would.

I could provide you with a Powershell script that would take your most recent backup (backups are taken prior to each sync operation) and move it to a location that you could then LocalFolder sync with another desktop (so you wouldn’t have to adjust the sync preference on the Desktop copy you made the change on). Although, this wouldn’t merge any of the changes from the “other” desktop that was using LocalFolder sync into the Desktop you made the change on. So I don’t believe this would be helpful for you unless you planned on using the “master-follower” pattern for the two Desktops involved.

Apart from that, I can’t currently think of any further suggestions with the current implementation of the sync system for your use case that doesn’t involve a personal cloud storage provider, or switching sync modes.

Let me know if you think the Powershell script may be of use to you.


Hi @mmoore

Thank you for the offer but I will wait for a release that improves the sync functionality.