Problem on adding new device on Setup Your Sync Key

According to help: 「After scanning the encrypted QR code, Codebook will prompt you for the Master Password that was used when the sync key was created, decrypt the Sync Key, and store it in your encrypted database. Now you’re ready to use the Sync feature!」
But actually there are no lead or no prom for the master password on the new device after scanned the QR Code.

Am I missing some steps or there are problem on adding new device for Sync Key?

Hi @normanlam

I’m sorry to hear about the recent troubles with the latest Codebook upgrade. Just to confirm, are you using Codebook to scan the QR code, or just the regular camera application?

I have a similar problem. I have code book on 3 devices (iPhone, iPad, and windows PC. It is very unclear what I am supposed to do. Is there better instruction about implementing this synch key. How does the QS R code work?

Hi @normanlam, @DGriffy2

I apologize for any inconvenience caused with the latest release of Codebook. We have put together documentation that will walk you through the new synchronization system here, which includes screenshots and videos. We would be happy to answer any additional questions you might have.

Hi @developernotes

Thanks for your prompt reply.
I was using other App of QR Scanner,.
How can I use Codebook to scan the Sync Key Code? I could not locate any function in Codebook for me to scan.
More appreciate if you can lead me to.

Hi @normanlam

The first time launch when using Codebook 4 will walk you through either creating a Sync Key, or importing your existing Sync Key from another device. Have you upgraded to Codebook 4 and run the application yet?

Hi @developernotes

My iPhone is using Version 4.0.1 (849)
My iPad Pro is using Version 4.0.0 (847).
And the problem was suddenly solved as my iPad Pro has shown me the steps.

Hi @developernotes
My iPad Pro is updated to version 4.0.1(849) now.

However, it shows me “Your free trial has expired, Codebook is in read-only mode.Tap here to buy Codebook Pro now”

Why I need to purchase again the Codebook Pro to remove the read-only mode?


You should be exempt from purchasing Codebook Pro (In-App Purchase) if you purchased Codebook prior to version 3.6.0.

Your Codebook purchase is associated with the Apple ID you used to purchase Codebook with.

Are you signed in with the same Apple ID as you used to purchase Codebook with on your iPad?

If so, you may need to restore your purchase (to re-download the receipt from Apple).

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Open and unlock Codebook
  2. Go to Settings > View Purchases
  3. Tap Restore Purchases, This will re-download your receipt and try to re-validate it. After which you will be presented with the View Purchase screen again.
  4. Restart your device and re-launch Codebook and your receipt should be validated properly (i.e. you should be out of readonly mode).

Let me know if this works to get you up and running again.

Hi @mmoore @developernotes

I have tried 6 times on Restore the App following your steps, but in vain.

From my recall the iPad became Trial Expired might be from tapped 3 times the Codebook Version Icon in Codebook settings on my iPhone, after 3 times tapped, it showed me “ Setting Trial Expired = TRUE”.

Although I couldn’t restore the purchase, I have solved the issue by tapping the Codebook Version Icon 3 times on iPad to toggle the setting back to “Setting Trial Expired = FLASE”.

Hi @mmoore @developernotes

Sorry to say that I found another issue.
My iPad cannot be updated after sync.

By some reason, the 2 new added notes on iPhone cannot be synced to iPad now.


I have a similar problem to normanlam’s, only I have no problem with the app installation itself. I’ve been using Codebook for some time now, and successfully backing it up from my iPhone to my (Windows 10) PC using Desktop WiFi. I see that the software has recently been updated (W10 version is 4.05 and the iPhone version is 4.0.1) and now on starting on the iPhone it asks me about a Sync Key saying I haven’t backed it up (although I have now taken a copy from both the phone and the PC versions). I now seem to have two separate sets of these Sync Keys but no way to Sync them. The Windows software asks me to do a scan which is a bit tricky from a PC, while scanning the QR code I get on the Windows version (via Add A New Device) using the iPhone’s camera returns “no usable data found”. I thought I’d try deleting the Sync Key but I get a severe message from either the iPhone or the Windows version about destroying data so I’d rather not go through with that. What can I do to restore this Sync?

Hi Richard, thanks so much for using Codebook and sorry for the trouble.

while scanning the QR code I get on the Windows version (via Add A New Device) using the iPhone’s camera returns “no usable data found”

Sorry that this isn’t clearer: it’s not the Camera app on your iPhone that you need to launch to scan the QR code being displayed by Codebook for Windows, instead the Codebook app on your iPhone needs to do the scanning (not the Camera app).

In your case, since it sounds like it would be easiest to stick with the Sync Key you created on Windows,
launch Codebook on your iPhone and sign in. Then go to the Sync tab (under the More tab). There, use the Delete Sync Key option to whack the local Sync Key on your iPhone, and confirm the ominous-sounding prompt. At that point, the Sync view should now be displaying the option “Setup Sync Key”. Tap that, and you should see the “Setup Sync Key” view, with the prompt to create or scan a Sync Key–select “Yes” (you have already created your Sync Key, on Windows) and Codebook for iPhone will access the camera so you can scan the Sync Key from Windows.

Please let us know if that helps!

Great, thanks William – that worked! I think in my haste to get working with the updated software on my iPhone I didn’t understand what it was asking, so I replied “no” to “have you created a Sync Key on another device” (also device <> computer in my head) so it created a new copy rather than trying to sync. Anyway, it all looks good now, and thanks so much for your swift, personal and helpful response.

Regards,** **



Glad to hear you were able to validate your receipt properly now, although I’m sorry to hear about the trouble with 2 notes not syncing over. I’d like to have you write into us at so we can assist further.