Problem with update


Hello, I am currently using STRIP version . Today I saw update and I am trying to upgrade to codbook, but I get error on uninstalling old version. Seems it looks for old install file, which I don’t have , and I can’t find on download section.

What should I do to upgrade ?


Hello @cdman

I’m sorry to hear that you are seeing an issue attempting to uninstall an older version of STRIP. Microsoft has a tool called Fixit which can help you uninstall an application from your system when the Add/Remove Programs fails. Could you try running Fixit from Internet Explorer, going through their wizard and let us know if you are able to successfully uninstall the application?


Unfortunately - that does not work on windows 10 which I use:

I think if someone can give me that msi for - it will fix the problem - but I don’t keep ?

any other ideas ?


Hello @cdman

I’m sorry to hear that FixIt does not run on Windows 10. We have had customers report success when using Revo Uninstaller which offers a free version. Could you give that a try. I apologize for the inconvenience.


Revo uninstalled STRIP ok , I have now the new Codebook version! :slight_smile:



Hello @cdman

Great, I’m glad to hear that addressed the issue. Thanks for getting back to us!