Reinstall Strip on new hard drive


I had a working copy of Strip on a hard drive that died. I also have a copy on my iPHone 4s. I don’[t see anywhere on the website to download a new copy. And when I’ve tried to login using the password I use to open Strip on my laptop and iPhone, it’s not recognised. How do I get a new copy without having to pay again?


Hi @scourtneyuk

I just resent your order fulfillment via a separate email which will contain a link to download the latest version of STRIP along with your license key. Once you have that installed, you can restore the data from your iPhone using the these sync [1] instructions.



Thanks for your help. I really appreciate your quick response. I’ll do this tomorrow.


i was brought the licenses for one of my customer but the are facing problem in installation and find the keys.

there is any contact no. so i can contact with your guys directly.


Hello @irfan_siddiqui - Sorry to hear about the trouble. Please send us an email at, either with the order number, name, or email address that the order was placed under and we’ll resend your installation package and license key. Thanks!