iphone4 died - cant get backups onto iphone6



I had STRIP working on my iphone4 and had STRIP for windows working on my old desktop PC. I was able to get STRIP downloaded onto the iphone6, but I can’t get the db files to restore to the new phone, since my old PC doesn’t have a wireless card (and I gave it to my son).

I used to do the synch via the USB cord. I see local file as an option in the new version of STRIP for Windows, but I can’t get it to see my phone to push it up.

Side note - Where can I find my license key in the app so I can get get the trial version of STRIP for Windows working on my new PC?


  • Steve


Hello @smr49

If your PC is not on the same network as your iPhone, STRIP for Windows can synchronize your data through cloud providers such as Dropbox and Google Drive. More information can be found on setting up synchornization here.


I was hoping to avoid using cloud based solutions for a password .db file.

Are there any options that would let me synch with the USB cable, or have you completely done away with that kind of synch option?

Can you see in the records where I paid for STRIP for Windows? I’d like to get that off Trial version on the new PC, but can’t find a license key in the Settings of the app in my iphone.


  • Steve


Hello @smr49

I was unable to locate a previous order of STRIP for Windows with the email address and/or name you are using on the discuss site here, could you reach out to us at support@zetetic.net with either an alternative email address, or another name which may have made the purchase?

If your only goal is to migrate the database from one machine to another. You can locate the database file in the following directory on Windows:

%APPDATA%\Zetetic LLC\Strip

The file you will want to copy from your old machine to your new machine is called strip.db, you will want to place it in the same directory on your new machine.