Unable to Sync with StripSync

StripSync was a free utility program for OS X and Windows that we used to distribute back when STRIP was only available on iOS. It was meant to serve as a holdover until we could provide a more full-featured desktop versions of STRIP, so that our customers had some means of taking an independent backup as well as performing bulk import and export.

We discontinued distribution and maintenance of StripSync in May of 2012 and it is no longer sync-compatible with modern versions of STRIP due to various database schema and encryption format improvements. STRIP for Windows and STRIP for OS X provide WiFi sync to STRIP running on iOS and Android devices, sync via Dropbox and Google Drive, a full data editor, and import/export features. The license for the desktop app allows you to install the software on up to 5 PCs or Macs for personal use with 1 license key. STRIP for OS X is also available in the Mac App Store.

If you absolutely need a copy of StripSync, please get in touch with us directly.