STRIP Sync Error

Unfortunately Codebook will not run on my computer (Mac Pro 10.6.8), so I’m stuck with STRIP. I recently changed phones, and want to sync all my data. When I initiate a sync (via the phone), I get the following message on the desktop: “The operation couldn’t be completed. Connection reset by peer” On the android phone I get a box with a button that says “OK”. Help!

I’m running strip on a Power Macintosh OS 10.6.8. The desktop version of STRIP is 2.1.1. The mobile version is 2.0. It’s running on an Android Droid Incredible 2, OS 2.3.4.

I’m hoping that you still provide support for those of us unable to use the new product!

Hello @blastmain

I just wanted to circle back to this posting, we have just responded to your private support ticket. Please feel free to reply to that ticket at your convenience. Thanks!