Setting Icon Favorites in Codebook


Using the icons while testing, I find that scrolling through them is a pain. I’d like to be able to set “favorite” icons somehow.

Perhaps a way to mark them as favorite would work, then have those sort to the top of the pick list.

Or, perhaps simply the ones I pick usually, are automatically floated to the top of the picklist for me.


Hi @rickcogley

Historically we have tried to group the icons used activity to make it easy to find similar icons (i.e., computers, travel, homes, etc). So far this has worked well, but I can understand making commonly used icons more accessible. Would having a new entry inherit the icon of its category by default be enough, or do you think that is too limiting?


It’s not necessarily too limiting, but, on the Mac app at least, I think that already happens, no? If I set the category icon, any new entry created in the UI receives that icon. The same does not work for CSV import, iirc.


What does not work is recursively setting all icons in a category, to a newly-set icon of the category. I think this should be an option if it existed, but, it would be a good way to do it, after importing a bunch of passwords to a new category w/ a generic icon. You could set the category icon, click something like “copy to all” and then the save action would recursively set all the icons.


Yes, both the Mac and Windows versions behave this way.

We do not provide a mechanism to specify the icon from a data import. It is something we could consider, we will certainly monitor the interest going forward.

Correct, we do not have that a mass edit mechanism in place for that.


That’s good to hear, @developernotes Nick.