STRIP for iOS 2.4.6 Released


Just dropping a note here to confirm that STRIP for iPhone, STRIP for iPad, and STRIP Lite have all been updated to version 2.4.6 in the iTunes App Store just now. The main changes:

  • In iOS 8, when viewing a note, exiting STRIP, and returning, the tab bar was inexplicably shown. It’s forcibly dismissed in this update. If any developers out there have faced this weird, delightful bug in iOS 8 and found a better way to quash it, please reach out!

  • Scrolling and keyboard adjustments have been made to the note editor to keep it working from iOS 6 through 8.

  • In iOS 6, if you tried to get at a note, the app crashed hard. Fixed in this version.

  • The Database Info view in Settings would only refresh statistics on initial view, now statistics are always up-to-date. So fresh and so clean, clean.


Inside baseball: the version number 2.4.5 was skipped because iTunes Connect ate it.