Text size change ios 8 iPhone 6


I’ve had the STRIP Password app for several years and have a new iPhone 6 running ios 8. It seems suddenly the text and icons have gotten huge, particularly in the Recents section, which are larger than in the Categories section. The text and icons in the “Recents” and “Search” sections seem about 1.75% size of the same in the Categories.

I don’t know which version I’m running, though it has been updated every time an update is available on iTunes.

By the way, I love the STRIP acronym, because it hides the purpose of the app to most people.


Hello @calliopestrip

Could you launch STRIP and tap the Settings tab, the version number will be displayed at the top, to the right of the STRIP logo. The icon size on the Recents and Search results tab are larger than the Categories tab, which is by design.