Strip's new font and icon size (RESOLVED)


I’ve seen the response regarding the reason behind the new icons and I can see the thinking - even if I preferred the older versions. However what I can’t get used to is the enormous font size or the size of the new icons! It really dominates the display and isn’t in the least bit pleasant. I’m also convinced that it’s made a change to the default font size of other applications but I can’t say for certain.

My questions are:

  1. Can I change the size of the icons/fonts - if not in this version then in a future release
  2. Is there a way to downgrade to the previous version until such features are available?


Same here. The icons are OK but the font-size is terrible, especially given the fact it does not seem to be possible to be able to change it.


I’m really curious what sorts of screen dimension you folks are working with, and on what devices, if you don’t mind sharing? For instance, a Retina display, or perhaps 13" macbook, or maybe a really big cinema display but on Windows? And what display resolution are you using for this display? (In OS X, System Preferences -> Displays)

While we definitely don’t want you to take a screenshot of and share any sensitive data, if you could load up a Category full of bogus Entry records and screenshot that, perhaps contrasted against other elements on your screen that conflict, that would be really helpful to us. Or we could send you a database of sample data to load up temporarily instead of your own.

Either way, more information about why the font sizes (and/or icons) don’t work and what would be better is helpful.


I’m using Strip on my laptop with a 15.6 inch screen at a resolution of 1366x768. I’m happy to share a screenshot of a dummy database but as a new user I can’t upload images. If you let me have access or an email address I can send something through.


@lb483 I’ve updated the trust level for your profile here, let me know if you can post images now. Also, we can always be reached privately at More information about ways to contact us is available at


Attached is a screen grab with Strip maximised. I’ve included a gadget on the grab as well to give a sense of scale. This is a small dummy database but once it’s populated with several items the font and icon sizes become quite overwhelming. Unfortunately I can’t load a previous version of Strip to show the comparison.


Yep I’m with you, I cant understand the child icon art, from a suitable graphical interface back to retro art is a backwards step. I would like to downgrade my iPhone app back to the original. (i’m not upgrading desktop version, therefore cant sync with iPhone:(… can this be done…?


@Airush I don’t believe you can install previous versions of iOS apps from the iTunes App Store unless your device is only compatible with a particular earlier version.

Sorry to hear you don’t like the new look! As far as “child icon art,” I suppose I can see how someone might take the icons that way—I see them as cheery and pleasant. I’m curious if any of the others here who don’t like the new icons also find them too whimsical or pre-school?


Update on this: we’re going to go back to the previous font and icon sizes for the Mac and Windows versions of STRIP, we’re working on an update for 2.4.0 now for various issues that we hope to release soon.

As far as the icon style, the design of them, please keep the ideas coming, we’re listening.


Hi lucky for me I had an old version saved 2.2.0.pia and was able to downgrade back to the suitable version.
I can’t stand what Apple has done to iPhones iso apart from a BIG Backwards effort on their behalf…! Lucky I was also able at the time to downgrade my iPhones iso back to 6.1.4. and I’m sticking with it. I can’t understand how Apple (Steve Jobs team) spent all the time and effort developing and designing effective working ios with smarter graphical interface and software. Then turn arround destroy that ios. And replace it with a dumbed down iso version that is temperamental with stupid symbols and stupid icon art only works at best half the time…!


Hey @ Wgray, glad you’ve got the scence to transform things back to how the app was originally {Graphicaly}. I only experienced the update through iPhone app which quite frankly SUX. I did forward a complaint to your team member, who just responded with “though luck”. I just don’t understand the logic forward momentom on graphical design with a backwards step to retro art…???


@Airush We understand that you don’t like the new icons, there’s no need to keep repeatedly posting this to the thread. No one has treated you dismissively here, or in our private support channel where we’ve spent a lot of time working with you in the past. On the contrary, we’ve been taking complaints seriously, and have a plan for addresssing some of the issues reported. It sounds like we have very different aesthetic tastes, but we hope you’ll continue to use the software and enjoy the features that make it distinct from our competitors. If you’re really interested in the logic behind the new icon designs, there is a write up here:

That said, while we welcome criticism and complaints, even passionate ones, we wish to be addressed respectfully. Writing that our software “quite frankly SUX” is not respectful or productive.


No, what I was implying is that the app WAS brilliant until till some bright spark start playing with it, then applying significant changes prior to informing the users\ And yes I’ve had to contact strip for some support previously due to inconstancy with your app.


Just upgraded and am really happy with the “new” look. Thanks for responding to the feedback so quickly.


We’ve got an update out today (v 2.4.2) for STRIP for OS X that brings the Categories and Entries list rows back to their old, system default height.