STRIP for Windows Phone 10?


I’ve been using STRIP for Windows and STRIP on my iPhone for years. It’s a great product and I love it. It is time to upgrade my phone and I’m considering a Windows phone. Do you have a version that will work with Windows Phone 10? If not, could you consider it?


Hello @Joel

Thank you for your support of STRIP over the years! At this time we do not have immediate plans to support STRIP on Windows Phone. We are a small team and the time & effort required to both port and maintain an application on a given platform is rather high; so far there has not been a lot of interest in Windows Phone support. We will certainly keep this in mind, and if we see an increase in interest, we will reconsider. Thanks!


A fair, and somewhat expected response. I would note, though, that you are
already probably using Visual Studio for your Windows PC based product, and
Microsoft has made a point of designing Visual Studio to allow the creation
of applications for Windows, Android, and iOS concurrently. See

Note, I don’t work for Microsoft and don’t profit from pushing their
products. I’m just happy with what I’m using now and have used in the past
and haven’t been particularly happy with my iPhone. Restrictions from work
eliminate Android as an option for me.



Hello @Joel

We are always happy to hear from our customers! I certainly understand your desire for STRIP on Windows Phone; while it is feasible to develop the application for that platform, we must be mindful of where the majority of our users exist, all while continuing to grow our product across the existing platforms we currently support. We will continue to monitor the demand for other platforms, including Windows Phone. Thanks again!