STRIP APK on Blackberry?

Anyone tried installing a STRIP APK on Blackberry Q10 or Z10? Does it work? Or is it expected to work?


Hello @cmarcoux

We have received reports from customers who have successfully installed STRIP for Android on both the BlackBerry Q10 as well as the Z30. If you attempt to do so, we would be glad to hear your results as well as which model you use. Thanks!

Thanks. If I purchase from Amazon or Google, it’ll be an APK file that I get? Or some other file type? (unfamiliar with Android stuff…)

Installed it fine on the Blackberry Q10 from Amazon. Can run it locally ok. But sync doesn’t seem to work. I have STRIP on a Macbook and on an iPad. Can sync between those devices over WiFi, but can’t see my Blackberry in Sync options on iPad. And can’t find any options anywhere on the Blackberry interface. i.e. navigation bar has nothing in it except Back (<)

Hello @cmarcoux

Thanks for getting back to us, we are glad to hear you were able to install it. STRIP for Android can synchronize over local WiFi from a mobile device only to a desktop version of STRIP, so in your case STRIP for OS X, you will not be able to directly sync STRIP for Android ←→ STRIP for iPad.

Is there a way to manually enter the token into the app? Or could it be added?

I can kickoff the permissioning step in the browser, but returning from the browser to the app fails; initially I thought it was a problem with the atuo-locking of the screen when switching out, but setting a timeout didn’t help.

Hello @dinoklein

If you are referring to authentication with Dropbox, we have received reports of individuals successfully synchronizing once they have sideloading Dropbox for Android onto their device as well. If you were referring to something else, please let me know.

Yeah, like I was saying, from STRIP I go to the browser to login to Dropbox and authorize the app, where the authorize button has a link such as “db-XXXXXXXX://1/connect?oauth_token_secret=YYYYYYYYY”.

I get redirected to STRIP but then end up with a blank screen, and the token never seems to make it to STRIP.

As for Dropbox, I have a hookup with the native BlackBerry application.

Hello @dinoklein

Yes, I understand, which is why I believe the folks who were successful in synchronizing with Dropbox installed the Dropbox Android application, instead of the BlackBerry version. Could you try that instead and let us know your results?

I can confirm that after I installed the Dropbox APK I was able to hook it up: the authorization screen popped up via the Android version instead of the browser, and it simply worked.

On another note, how come STRIP requests full dropbox access and not merely app folder?

Hi @dinoklein

We are glad to hear you were able to successfully sync on your BlackBerry. Would you share which device you are using STRIP for Android on?

With regard to the permission requirement, that is a historical behavior when STRIP was initially integrated with Dropbox, we may change that behavior in a future release.

I’m on the Q10, running software release

Thanks for sharing @dinoklein!