Strip is excellent


I just wanted to say (lest my two recent Issues posts gave a different impression), that I think Strip is excellent. It allows me to do just want I want (store and sync my passwords, etc. across devices), quickly and with no fuss.

I’ve wondered for a long time why the press (at least the computer magazines I read) never mention Strip when they recommend or mention password managers. To me, Strip is a superior product and more value for money than the more famous alternatives that get all the publicity.

I also like the new icons. It’s great that the product is being kept up-to-date in this and other ways. Of course the items were too large when the new icons were first introduced, but that problem was rectified very quickly, which is brilliant service, so please keep up the good work!


@quiquaequod Thank you very much! Might we ask what computer magazines you read?


I read PC Pro and PC Advisor, which are two of the many computer magazines we have here in the UK!