Why choose the name STRIP

  • It makes it hard to search for it by name
  • Lots of non-technical I have talk to don’t trust it because “it has a silly name”. Other people I talked won’t search for it because of its name


Hi @Felghana - We’re definitely aware of the issues surrounding the name STRIP. For context, the name STRIP is actually an acronym for “Secure Tool for Recalling Important Passwords”. We chose the name almost 17 years ago, in 1998, when the first version was released form Palm OS. We’ve kept the name around, mainly because of that history, and the name recognition associated with it. However, we do realize the name has a negative association, and we are actively looking at options, though I can’t commit to anything specific at this time. We really appreciate you taking the time to mention this, since you clearly care about the product!


Thanks for you quick reply.


I endorse the comment on STRIP. Silly name and hard to find. I only found your excellent product because I was looking for a converter for SafeWallet files. It is difficult to change a product name but if I were you, I would do it.


The new name (Codebook) is great, as is the new icon.


Hi @Felghana, thanks! We are glad to hear you like it!