Sync Codebook 4 desktop without webcam

Hi, I’m transitioning my devices to Codebook 4, and started the process with a QR key. My last device is a locked down desktop without a webcam. I’m stuck on how to upgrade this machine - is there a way to switch to a word list at this point? Or otherwise input the QR information without scanning via a webcam?

Had I realized a webcam would be required for all devices I would have gone the word list route.


Hi @Dentonbaird,
Thank you for using Codebook. You can display a Word List representation of your Sync Key at any time on a device that already has your Sync Key setup by following these steps:
You can then enter this Word List into your last device - the one without the webcam – to import your Sync Key
Note - this documentation contains a Platform selector at the top so you can see the instructions for the type of device you are using.

Thanks, that worked! For any future souls searching for this: I found the word list on the iOS app under More>Backup Sync Key>Write Down Word List.

Glad to hear it worked well for you.