Scan sync key for windows codebook cloud beta

Hi, I just downloaded Codebook Cloud beta for Windows. I am an existing codebook user on iOS. If I select “already using codebook?” in the Windows installer, it prompts me to scan my sync key. I display the sync key on my iPhone and try to scan it with my webcam but nothing happens. On the installer’s “Import Codebook Sync Key from QR Code” dialog box, it lists my webcam name at the bottom so it seems like it is recognizing my webcam. Is this what I am supposed to be doing? Is there another way to log in as an existing user?


Hi Melissa,

Thanks so much for installing the Codebook Beta for Windows and sorry for the trouble getting started!

It sounds like you are doing everything right here and we’re not getting the desired result.

This could be a bug with the scanning, as some webcams can have a little trouble scanning these codes, but it could also be a compatibility issue.

Have you installed the Codebook 5 Beta on your iPhone already? Codebook 5 on Windows should scan the Sync Key from Codebook 4 on iOS, but if not perhaps getting iOS upgraded to Codebook 5 will resolve the issue in the meantime.

I don’t see an installation for your email address in TestFlight, for Codebook 5 on iOS – if you use another email address for your Apple ID, could you send that to us privately so I can re-send the invitation? (Either email or private message me here on the forum.)

For what it’s worth, you can click on Setup Later on the welcome screen in Codebook for Windows to get into the app itself, but it would be good if we could try it out with the beta version of Codebook on your iPhone first.