Installation problems

I downloaded Codebook trial version earlier today. I could not figure out the QR scan so I bought the full Windows version later today. After installation of the full version I still get “14 days remaining in trial”. I then uninstall and install but still get these 14 days remaining notice (and still cant figure out this QR scan). I´ve used Codebook on an iPhone and an older PC for several years without problems (without the QR scan). Any advice?

Hey @Johann

Thank you very much for using Codebook and posting to the discussion forum. I’ve responded to your private support request, but will include some of the information/instructions below to help anyone else that sees this discussion forum post:

Activating Codebook for Windows:

When you purchase Codebook for Windows, you’ll be send a fulfillment email which contains our license key along with a link to download the installer. When first starting Windows after installing, it should prompt you to enter your license key. If you’ve already started the trial, you can enter your license key at anytime to activate Codebook for Windows via the Help menu > Add License within Codebook.

Codebook 4 and Sync Key Setup:

Codebook 4 introduces a Sync Key which is used to encrypt your synced Codebook data. You’ll want to generate a Sync Key once and then import it into every other device you use Codebook on. You’ll need to use the same Sync Key on every device you use Codebook on to be able to sync.

Codebook 3 won’t be able to Sync with Codebook 4, so you’ll need to ensure that all your devices are updated to Codebook 4.

Here are some links with some additional information and examples:

Codebook 4 Release Blog Post:
Codebook 4 Upgrade FAQ: Codebook 4 Upgrade FAQ / Help
Generating/Importing a Sync Key within Codebook 4:

Let’s continue our discussion within my response to your private support request email. If anyone else is seeing this discussion forum and experiencing problems, we’re always happy to help if you email