Sync IOS device (iPad to iPhone)

Is it possible to sync Codebook from an iPhone to a (new) iPad Pro directly using WiFi without using a desktop as a mediator? My SO received an iPad as a holiday present and typically does not use the Desktop since most of her work is in the field and would like to keep her notes in sync. We currently do not using any remote file services other than iCloud. Thank you!

Hi @janzelo, thanks for purchasing Codebook!

Unfortunately at the moment WiFi sync is only mediated through the desktop apps. However, both the Mac and Windows versions are available for a 14-day free trial and are completely unlocked during the trial, so you could use it to get the data copied over from the iPhone to the new iPad Pro in the first place. From there to keep the two in sync without WiFi you’d have to use either Dropbox or Google Drive, we don’t have an option available for syncing through iCloud.

Please let us know if that helps.