Sync Reminder (Android)

I use Codebook on Windows and Android, but only on Android does this annoying reminder keep appearing. It looks like this:

Sync Reminder

Use the sync feature to avoid data loss.
Would you like to learn more about sync options?

Learn More – Dismiss – Remind Later

This reminder seems to be treating me like a newbie, who’s never used Codebook before, and wants to inform me about the Sync function. But I’ve been using Codebook for years, so I don’t know why I need this reminder. I remember to sync Codebook just fine on my own.

It doesn’t matter if I choose “Dismiss” or “Remind Later”, the behavior will be the same, I will see this reminder again and again whenever I launch the app on Android.

Why does the reminder appear? Is it because I haven’t sync’d my data in a while? That would be a useful reminder, but only really if it had a Sync Now button that would either perform the function immediately or take me to the page where I can do it. Otherwise it’s just wasting my time dismissing the reminder, then I have to browse to the sync tab and synchronize.

Honestly I could do without the reminder, but if you insist on reminding me, at least help me do the function you’re reminding me to do.

Hi @ZipFoxtaur

Can you share what version of Codebook for Android you have installed? We did have an issue previously where the dismiss option wasn’t preventing future notifications from occurring, but we introduced a fix aimed to address that.

Providing an option to go right to the Sync screen would be beneficial. Is that what you had in mind?

My Android device auto-updates, so I’m always using the latest that can be had, which is currently 4.3.1

I suppose I exaggerated by saying that the reminder pops up “every time” I launch the app. It’s more correct to say that I only launch the app on Android a few times per month, which is sufficient time for the app to decide that I need another reminder, so it appears as if I get the reminder every time.

As for my preference, I wouldn’t mind if there was setting to just disable the reminder. If you’d prefer not to make such a setting, I’d like if the reminder had a Sync Now button that would go directly to the Sync page within the app, so that I can do the synchronization right away.
My reasoning is that, the app has already broken my concentration about what I was trying to do when I launched the app, so I might as well just take care of whatever it was stopping me for.

I have the same feeling about the fact that, it’s pretty often when I launch the app, the first thing it wants to do is throw the Release Notes at me, as if that were something very important I need to see right away. Maybe you’re not aware of what your app is used for: Looking up passwords. When I launch the app, it’s because I need the password for something. Putting up reminders and alerts in front of me just breaks the flow of what I am trying to use the app for.

Hi @ZipFoxtaur

Thank you for your feedback, we certainly appreciate your candor. We will consider making an option to initiate a sync from the prompt and also investigate the notification recurrence. Additionally, we will discuss interface elements which can cause distraction.