If sync is manual, make it easier


Hi. I came to the realization that sync is a manual operation. It’s good to be able to dig in to the settings and set the sync direction.

What’s not so good is the taps to get there in the iOS app.

I think it would make it easier if sync were more front and center so I can just tap one icon and boom, it’s syncing.

Hope you can please consider this.


I remembered a cool UI about this sort of feature. Not sure if you use OmniFocus, but it exposes the sync button and a couple more, with a pull-down gesture. The UI looks like this:

Normal UI, before

After the swipe-down gesture, exposing Sync


Or, simply a button on the top “toolbar” area would be helpful, if it can directly initiate sync:


yeah, i had same thought. on iphone it takes a couple of taps to get to the sync(or lock) function. For a new user it can be hard to realize you have to go to “more” to get to this next set of options. I’d almost rather see a sync or lock button instead of ‘recent’ on my codebook iphone display. But overall I really love this app and use across 6 devices pretty much without any problems.


hi @gk_sync. Agreed. I did not mention lock because, at least that can be set automatically to your preference. You can set it up to autolock after a couple minutes, which in my opinion, is long enough to do what you need to. Plus you can link to touch id, so that makes entering the master quick and easy.

But sync is necessary, if say I am updating something on my Mac, and I want that in my db before I leave, I have to be able to do it quickly and easily. At least imo. :slightly_smiling:


Makes sense, I didn’t think about auto lock. I’ll do that😏



I have it set differently on my Mac than on the phone. I like that I can tie it to screensaver and screen lock, because I set my screen lock to be one of the corners of the mac, and anytime I step away, I put my mouse there and lock the system. It’s good that Codebook will follow that and be locked too. @gk_sync


Hi @rickcogley @gk_sync

Thanks for the feedback. Just wanted to mention that you can customize the tab bar at the bottom by tapping “More” -> “Edit” to include the Sync view to reduce the number of taps required to access the sync operation (it appears from the screenshot that you’ve already swapped out the “Recents” tab for the “Sync” tab @rickcogley). If you do this, it should only require 2 taps to sync once your cloud provider/computer is linked.

Making syncing easier is very important to us, and something that we’re working on making automatic. Although it’s going to be while until it’s implemented. In the mean time we most likely won’t be changing the functionality/access for the sync operation.


Perfect, I put the sync at the bottom instead of favorites, cause for those I remember the passwords anyway :wink:
works just great…thanx



Thanks @mmoore. That’s good enough for now.