Synch Key problems

Hi I have missed to get ahead with the synch key and now I am lost.
I can’t see how to synch my three devices,

  • 1 Master is the iPhone 7
  • 2 is a macbook
  • 3 is a iMac I have two different synch keys, 4 lines with 5 words, one from the (1) iPhone and a different one from the (2) macbook.

The same with my wife
4 iMac
5iPhone 10
6 iPad

and I am totally lost and can’t make any backups anymore.

How to I proceed ??

Hey @franzmeier

Thanks very much for using Codebook and posting to the discussion forum, although I’m sorry for the disruption after updating Codebook.

You’ll only want to generate a Sync Key on one of your devices and then import that Sync Key on each other device you’re syncing with.

It sounds like you may have mismatched Sync Keys, not to worry though, we can delete the ones that don’t match and re-import a single Sync Key from your remaining device. There are some instructions on how to do that in the Codebook 4 FAQ’s here: Codebook 4 Upgrade FAQ / Help under: “I setup multiple Sync Keys, or, I’m seeing a “Sync Key mismatch” error. What should I do?”

Let me know if this allows you to delete the mismatched Sync Keys, import a single one, and sync. I’ll be happy to help if you run into any issues or have any questions along the way. Also free free to reach out to the support inbox

Hey Mica,
Thank you for your quick answer, I really appreciate it very much, thank you.

Does it matter which device produces the synch key of the three ?

Is there any preference ?

The one which is current is the iPhone 7, shall I then delete the other synch keys and then write down the one from the iPhone as THE SYNCH KEY ?

Thank you

I will check in on your link within one hour from now.

Best regards



Thanks very much for the response. I don’t recall if you’re syncing with one of the cloud services or over WiFi, but typically if you’re syncing with a cloud service and one of your devices is successfully syncing, you’ll want to keep that Sync Key and delete all the rest. if you’re syncing over WiFi and none of your devices are syncing, then it doesn’t really matter which one you keep.

Let me know the results. Thanks!


Woah: you are the greatest. It worked even with writing down and entering the 20 words into the iMac and the macbook.
Great job.

Lets see if I manage it hopefully in a few days for my wife’s iMac, iPad and iPhone. It has time, as she broke her leg today

when vacuuming. (Because it’s obviously so dangerous, I avoid it).

Thank you for your patience and have a nice day



Excellent news you were able to get your machines setup with the same Sync Key and sync.

Sorry to hear about your wife’s broken leg!

Please don’t hesitate to post back here or write our support if you experiencing any trouble when setting up your Wife’s devices. We’ll be happy to help.