Sync via keybase file system


Hello - recently I am using It has an encrypted file system, which can be made accessible on your PC or Mac, as well as on mobile devices. I’d love to be able to sync my Codebook strip db, via this system, so I hope you might consider it at some point.

Or, could I use “local sync folder” sync for this?



Hi @rickcogley, thanks for bringing up the Keybase file system, it looks pretty fantastic. It would certainly make for a nice addition to Codebook’s supported sync endpoints via their API, but it’s an idea we’ll have to revisit another time, we’re heads down on work to upgrade Codebook’s replication system along with some security improvements.

As to using the local folder sync feature with a folder on Keybase mounted locally, your mileage may vary there, we’d be curious to hear how it goes if you give it a shot!


It appears it works only on Mac or Windows, so I’ll need to fire up Keybase on another system and give it a whirl.


Another interesting option would be the Dat Project. I just recently learned about it.

As for kbfs, the Keybase File System, I learned a little more about it: it is using Fuse, and, there are a couple of characteristics to note. It is set up to sync dynamically, based on how much space there is on your drive. In this, it is somewhat similar to Google’s Drive system, “Google File Stream”, which syncs files when you need them, them backs off when you’re not accessing them.

You can force a permanence though, and cause kbfs to sync a specific folder always, with something like:

keybase fs sync enable /keybase/private/rickcogley/path/to/my/codebook

I have not yet tried working this out yet, but the info is relevant I think.