TOTP Issue After 1P Import

I imported my data from 1Password. Most files look fine except for one time passwords (TOTP) and are showing corrupt. None work when using on a site account that requires it.

I used the same 1P file on other password managers w/o issue.

I appreciate any help you can provide.
Thanks for reading.

Hi @jhall124

Thanks for trying Codebook as your new Password Manager and for posting to the discussion forum, although I’m sorry to hear about the trouble with TOTPs after importing from 1Password.

Which method did you use to import your 1Password data: 1PUX? CSV?

Codebook should properly import and transition any TOTPs imported from 1PUX format with the caveat that Codebook supports 6 digits OTP/Two-Step codes, with a 30 second period. If any of your second factor codes have a different set of params (say 7 digits), the codes Codebook generates using the given key will be useless. Better support for other TOTP types is something we want to add, we will reassess once we’ve got the new Codebook Cloud feature out of beta.

If your imported from CSV, then it’s possible the TOTPs would be imported as urls like:


If your TOTP’s are in that format, you’ll want to copy the secret out of the url there: (HXDMVJECJJWSRB3HWIZR4IFUGFTMXBOZ in the example above) and use that a the TOTP value. As mentioned above, Codebook will only be able to generate valid codes for second factors which are 6 digits and 30 period.

I used the 1PUX format.
I’ll look at the imported data soonest.