Trouble saving default.strip


Codebook V3.0.2 build 326 on MacOS X 10.11.3

Out of the blue Codebook has started having a problem saving “default.strip” when trying to exit the application. I’m posting an image of what seem to be the most useful error message. I have to admit that the path shown here seems longer than I would expect, has something happened to where Codebook is storing the backup or permissions or something else?
Any advice as to how I get Codebook working again without loosing data? Thanks!

[Updated by @wgray to remove local user name from image]


Hi @mike

Thanks for reaching out. Sorry for the trouble. This is a bug, it will be fixed in an upcoming update – but contrary to the dialog your data is already saved, it will not be lost.


Hi @mmoore

Thanks for the reassurance about no loss of data - that’s good news.
I note you sent me a direct email - I will tryout your suggestion as soon as I get back to my desktop machine and will let you know the results.


Hi @mike, and anyone else who ran into this problem—sorry for the blooper! This is fixed as of today in Codebook version 3.0.3 for Mac.