STRIP for OS X 2.5.3 Released


STRIP for OS X has been updated to fix a crash on pasting copied records. The update will start appearing in the Mac App Store for those customers at some point (for whatever reason it sometimes takes hours for updates to show up in the Mac App Store after we hit the Release button), and customers who bought STRIP from Zetetic directly should see an update offered in the app soon.

Please let us know if you have any issues!


I am still not seeing an update on my Mac OS X client. I have purchased the product direct not through the app store.


Hello @Dorsary

What version do you currently have installed?


Seems my first message didn’t get through. I have version 2.5.2 (292)


My memory is not the best but i think this issue of not seeing an update
through using the check updates has happened in the past. I once found a
bug in your guys software and agreed to try a developer build. I feel like
ever since then its been a bit uncertain if i see updates? Is their perhaps
a system file or preference that I need to kill off?

This also brings up another question/issue i have. I like to go out to some
location to check release notes to see what the newest client version is
for OS X, Windows, etc. Is their a firm location on your website where i
can go check for the current version. If i go to the support page i am
always hit or miss if i can find a post with the search. The main retail
site only really provides forms for re-purchasing the software.


Hi folks, sorry for the lack of update here, but something is a little screwy with the appcast and we’re working on it now. Here’s a direct link to download the latest version of STRIP for OS X, 2.5.3.