STRIP for OS X 2.5.1 Released

Hi everyone, a new version of STRIP for OS X is out this morning, 2.5.1! We’ll keep this brief, these are the changes in this maintenance update:

  • Updates Secret Agent window so that typing while on the entry view will automatically start a new search
  • Normalizes the names we use to describe the various modes for your labels across the STRIP apps
  • They have been carefully renamed, we hope this makes the app a little easier to use
  • The same list of modes is displayed in both Create New Label and Customize Labels
  • Improvements to Auto Suggest in the entry editor to make it less agressive via case sensitive matching
  • Fixes issue with Set Password button on first login/setup
  • Fixes to Local Folder sync to preserve data file permissions if modified for sharing with other system users


If you bought STRIP from the Mac App Store, launch the App Store app on your Mac and select the Updates tab. If you bought STRIP from Zetetic directly, just launch the app, and if the update isn’t detected right away, go the menu bar and select STRIP -> Check For Updates.

Please rate or review this version*, and let us know how we’re doing. If you need to get in touch you can always reach us here or at

*Mac App Store customers only, sorry.

The the non app-store version still fails to detect the update. The app doesn’t seem to honor the redirect during the version check - no subsequent request following the one captured in the screenshot.

Hi @nick, I’m sorry to hear about the trouble! We will change the update URL in STRIP to the new, redirected URL. Incidentally, I’m not able to reproduce this problem myself, and when I attempt to visit the old update URL I am redirected to the new one, I’m not sure why this is not happening in your case. In any event, we should update it in the app to the latest, HTTPS protected URL.

In the meantime you could modify the application’s Info.plist file as a work-around, but this requires either having Xcode installed on your Mac or some other software that can edit binary .plist files. TextWrangler has support for this and is free.

  • Right-click (or control-click) on STRIP, the application
  • Select Show Package Contents
  • Double-Click on Info.plist to open it in your editor
  • Locate the setting SUFeedURL
  • Replace the value there with this URL

Alternatively, download the latest version directly; we’ll try to get this fixed soon.