STRIP for OS X 2.5.4 Released


Hi folks, we’re releasing STRIP for OS X version 2.5.4 this morning for customers who ordered directly from us and have the auto-update feature (STRIP menu -> Check for Updates). The Mac App Store update will follow as soon as it’s been approved for release (this may take up to a week), we will post an update when it is made available for Mac App Store customers.

Changes in this version:

  • Fixes launch of Secret Agent via hot key on OS X 10.11 El Capitan
  • Updates the update-checker library and URL to support App Transport Security in 10.11

Installing the update

  1. Launch STRIP for OS X
  2. From the STRIP item in the menu bar, select “Check for Updates”
  3. Click on Download Now to download the file
  4. Quit STRIP
  5. Unzip the file you download and drop STRIP in your Applications folder
  6. When prompted, choose to Replace the existing version
  7. Launch STRIP

If you don’t see the update, it’s because there were some issues with the update check in the last version that have been fixed in this version. Sorry about that. You can download the update directly here.