Try Before Buy?


Presently use Safewallet. I think they have gone under and looking for an alternative. I have used the conversion tool but before i buy the windows product I want to check what the import looks like. However the only option I can see is to buy outright 1st?


@doleawg It’s true, there are currently no trial versions of STRIP. We’re working on changing this in the Windows and OS X versions but it’s not ready to roll just yet, we’ve still got some work to do.


Ok thanks but not willing to invest until I see what the import looks like for me. Have to say 90%+ of mangers handle imports terribly.


@doleawg An update: STRIP for Windows is now available as a free trial! Coming very soon for STRIP for OS X, testing for release now.

Update, Mar 4: STRIP for OS X is now available as a free trial as well.