Upgrading from STRIP to Codebook on OS X


As you may know, STRIP has been renamed to Codebook, version 3. Our intent was that this upgrade to Codebook 3 would be free for all existing STRIP users on all platforms, including Mac. Unfortunately, we found that customers who purchased STRIP for Mac OS X from us were not able to see the new version when they checked for updates. (Mac App Store customers were unaffected.)

This was a system issue on our side, and we are very sorry for the inconvenience. The problem has now been corrected.

If you have not already upgraded the STRIP software on your Mac, you should now see an upgrade available when you check for updates. Alternately, you can download the new version directly here:


Once you download the application, unzip it if necessary, and then drag the Codebook application into your Applications folder. You can then launch the new Codebook and log in with the same master password. Your settings and data should be preserved. Finally, locate the old STRIP application and move it to the trash.

If you didn’t know that the upgrade was free, and you re-purchased Codebook for Mac OS X because of this issue, please get in touch with us at support@zetetic.net so that we can refund the cost of any duplicate purchases.