Usage logging in Win or MacOS

Does Codebook log usage anywhere on Windows or macOS?

I want to monitor that and give feedback, positive too. “We see you’re using Codebook daily. Good job!”

Hi @rickcogley, great to hear from you!

Codebook doesn’t log much to the System Log on purpose. We may be changing that soon, but it’s the kind of thing we would need to be careful about.

What kinds of events are you looking to see emitted? Login, use of autofill, that kind of thing? We’ve been thinking of more fully embracing the System Log, so a list of events you’re interested in would be helpful to consider.

For what it’s worth you can use the system log to detect some usage of Codebook now, for instance when the application is launched, or when the autofill extension gets used. To see what’s there now, launch the Console app, start streaming, and try out application launch, or autofill. Then go back to Console, Pause to stop log streaming, and use the search toolbar button to filter for Codebook, and you’ll see lots of messages from macOS.

Once you know what you’re looking for, you can search for it more directly later using the log tool on the command line.

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Nice to be back!

Yes, basic events. I want to try to use telemetry about matters important to security, to give feedback to people. Our policy is to use Codebook, and I want to prove it’s happening but also thank and encourage ppl for doing the right thing.

By the way I signed up for your beta sync product. Looking forward to checking it out if you have openings?

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@rickcogley great, thanks for letting us know what you’re interested in with logging, we’ll have to give that some thought.

By the way I signed up for your beta sync product. Looking forward to checking it out if you have openings?

You should be receiving a welcome email right about now! Thanks for signing up. In this version of Codebook we’ve tried to more completely support our available translation languages throughout the apps, including Japanese. I’m sure there’s a lot of room for improvement, but on the whole I think it should be a lot better than it has been. Please let us know what you think and if you have any suggestions.

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